Your Message – You Have an Idea

Based on your message, your idea, your project or campaign, Pitching Monkeys Media will propose the most effective ways to reach your target audiences.
We’ll brainstorm with you on content, spokespeople and optimizing media alerts for immediate action. We know how to grab the media’s attention with material that highlights newsworthy, eye-catching, fresh angles and key messages.
Our Magic – From Booking to Production
Pitching Monkeys Media’s team is small and mighty but that’s great news for our clients, as we promise and deliver personalized service from project conception to completion.
We continuously strategize as the media landscape evolves and are able to reach top tier, national and international markets as well as targeted regional and local media outlets.
Our production services are comprehensive, seamless and professional. Once the tour date arrives, you’ll be comfortable knowing that we will be seen as part of your team.
Media Results
Pitching Monkeys Media will keep you continually updated throughout the booking process, during the tour, and with extensive media follow-up.
Our monitoring services provide additional support, resulting in comprehensive airings reports, links and air checks. Our follow-up continues until we account for all media outlets.