We bring people and stories together because we believe in the power of your message to make a difference.

By applying our passion, creativity, knowledge and experience, we work with key influencers, helping maximize exposure for your projects, brands and campaigns.

We know what it takes to connect you to your audience – on the air, TV and radio – on the web and in print.

Pitching Monkeys Media’s team takes your message, adds our magic and produces media results – booking your project, full production services and everything in between.

We value our relationships and take pride in hearing from our clients that Pitching Monkeys Media is with them every step of the way – providing personalized service from project conception to completion. We may “drive you bananas!” in a fun sort of way, with updates, counsel and more, but you’ll know your projects are our top priority.

After all, our slogan holds true and is just one of the reasons why we have happy clients:

“no monkey business, just media results”