Satellite Media Tours (SMT)

A series of pre-arranged back-to-back television, radio and online interviews with a designated spokesperson held in a studio or on-location, typically within a four to six-hour time frame. Satellite Media Tours are a cost-effective way to share key messages with audiences nationwide.

Radio Media Tours (RMT)

Radio Media Tours consist of back-to-back radio interviews within a specific time frame. Radio continues to be a powerful and effective medium and radio media tours are a cost-effective way for a spokesperson to deliver your message to millions of listeners from an office, studio or the convenience of their own home.

Virtual Media Tours (VMT)

Virtual Media Tours are similar to Satellite Media Tours and feature back-to-back interviews with spokespeople communicating with media outlets nationwide via multiple streaming platforms such as Zoom, Skype and Streamyard, among others, from the comfort of their home or office.

Audio News Releases (ANR)

A :30, :60 or :90 scripted and pre-produced audio recording with your key messages distributed as a news or feature segment to a guaranteed radio audience. Select from one of our ANR packages or we can customize an ANR package to best fit your needs.


Podcasts (digital audio files) are available for those who want to learn more about topics that interest them – health and medical, business, lifestyle features, sports and more. Podcasts can be listened to any time, via computer, tablets or mobile devices and can be produced and distributed as a stand-alone podcast hosted by a TBD spokesperson of your choice, or positioned on an existing podcast platform.

Public Service Announcements (PSA)

A highly effective way of educating viewing and listening audiences about an important event, issue, special cause or interest, Public Service Announcements (PSAs) help raise public awareness via radio and television outlets.

Press Junkets

On-location or via multiple streaming platforms, press junkets feature a jam-packed interview schedule with media outlets and celebrities, producers, directors and others to promote a new film.

B-Roll and Video Production

Video content that provides visual interest to key elements of projects, including B-Roll (footage) to support a news story, or custom created and produced video productions for major campaigns and product launches.


Media Tours on an oil rig, at an amusement park and even on a Native-American reservation, we can do it all! 

In-Studio Interviews

Experts/spokespeople media appearances in national and local markets.

Highlight Reel